Silk Care

Silk is a very delicate fabric and requires great care in its care. Often, silk clothing requires chemical cleaning, which, nevertheless, damages the fabric. However, thanks to the production technology adopted by SILKARS, our blouses can be cared for at home.

Silk can not tolerate high temperatures, therefore the recommended washing temperature (preferably manual) is 25 ° C – 30 ° C.
Do not let the top of the blouse wet, because the fibers relax and the fabric loses the characteristic shine and delicacy that we like to feel on the body.
After immersing in a solution of slightly cool water and a mild detergent – intended for silk or delicate fabrics, soap petals or in a hair shampoo, gently squeeze.
Warning! Silk does not like rubbing or wringing. If the blouse harder to get dirty, wash it twice better.
Rinse in water at the same temperature as the washing temperature 3-4 times (until the last rinse we can add a little vinegar or salt to emphasize the gloss of the material) and then squeeze gently, excess water can be drained in a towel (note silk lets go color).
We hang on the hanger and leave it to dry. Warning!!! We do not dry the silk in the sun!

We iron the blouses slightly damp, on the left side with the iron adjusting the temperature for silk and delicate fabrics (about 120 ° C).
If you want to iron on the right side, it is good to buy a special Teflon foot or iron through a cloth.