Our products

1. What gives you spandex in the dress?

Spandex improves the comfort of wearing clothing. Thanks to this admixture, the fabric is more resilient, works better and arranges nicer.

2. What is the difference between outlet dresses and those with expanded sleeves?

The outlet version is narrower by approx. 2 cm in the bicep circuit, i.e. measured flat, differing here + -1 cm. New versions of the dresses also have a slightly lower armpit, which gives more clearance in the bust and shoulders.

3. Are your fabrics very crumpled?

Our products are made of natural materials, which can be associated with greater crumple. The degree of crease depends on the properties of the fabric and the basis weight. Clothes with the addition of elastane, available in our offer are more resistant to creases. 

4. What are the different skirts of Dione and Nefele?

Both skirts are sewn from the lampshade, Dione is a pleated skirt, Nefele – pleated. Both skirts have a belt with loops. 

5. What are the differences between the different variants of the Melia dress?

Melie differ from each other depending on the variant: the total length, the waist height, and the length of the sleeve. In turn, in the outlet you can still find an older version of Melia, with narrower sleeves, described in item 2.


6 . Do you choose the size that perfectly matches the table?

Our table reflects the standard size. However, due to the fact that some models are quite fitted, we advise you to remember about 2 cm of clearance when choosing dresses and skirts. Natural fabrics do not stretch, so the stock of material will give you more comfort. In selected models, any waist slacks can be compensated for with the sash attached to the dresses. Please read the descriptions carefully, as not every model contains them. With each product we try to inform about the degree of extensibility of a given material.

7. There is no size, what to do?

We recommend subscribing to the size notification. It is possible by clicking the appropriate button in the upper left corner of the page for a given product. 
Models that went to the outlet, most likely will not be sewn. Sometimes, however, some sizes come back to us, so the availability of a given product may change.

8 . Do you expect a wider sizing? Do you make-to-measure?

We are aware that our size chart will not satisfy everyone – so far we have focused on the most versatile size. In our offer you can find sizes from 32 to 46. The tailor-made option is currently not possible. We take into account the demand of the market and our clients and in the future we plan to expand our offer with models designed for different types of silhouettes (in the first place – in the version of tall and petite).

9. Can you make a dress for me?

We do not do tailoring work, however, our dresses are sewn in such a way that you can easily – yourself or in a chosen tailoring company – make corrections.

  10. What is the cost of delivery?

All orders over PLN 200 are covered by free delivery. Below this amount the UPS courier fee is PLN 18 and PLN 8 for the InPost parcel machine.

11 . What is the delivery time?

We pack parcels the same day we pay for the order (working days). Most often on the same day the order goes to the courier or parcel machine.

12. Do you have a stationary store?

Currently, we do not sell stationary, although this is in our plans. Residents of the Tri-City, however, can visit our Gdańsk workshop. We only ask for an earlier appointment: http : //mariezelie.com/strona/k…



13. Do the promotions combine with the rebate code from the newsletter? 

No. Promotions generally do not combine with the rebate code obtained from the newsletter. Special promotion may happen, which we will always inform you about.

14. I signed up for the newsletter, but I did not receive the rebate code. What is a cause of it?

It happens that the email with the discount code goes to the spam box – please check it first. It may also happen that you break the system – then please contact our customer service office: info@mariezelie.com

15. How to use the discount from the Big Family Card?

The entire procedure is described here: http : //mariezelie.com/strona/k…


16. Can you return / exchange goods?

Yes, every product is subject to the right of return or exchange. A detailed description of the whole procedure can be found at: http://mariezelie.com/strona/wymiany-zwroty.

17. The product has a defect, I would like to advertise it. How can I do this?

Goods can be advertised, sending it to us and placing a complaint form in the package for downloading from the website: http://mariezelie.com/strona/wymiany-zwroty .

18. Who covers the cost of return shipment?

The cost of the return shipment is always covered by the buyer when returning the wrong size or canceling the purchase. In the case of a complaint of the goods, the costs are initially borne by the buyer, and the cost of the cheapest, possible shipment is reimbursed on the refund of the costs after the complaint is resolved.

19. I lost the receipt necessary to return, what to do?

Please contact us by email: info@mariezelie.com . Our personal account managers will send you a special statement about the loss of your receipt.

20. I sent you a dress. When should I expect a refund?

The refund procedure lasts no longer than 2 weeks, although usually the transfer of funds to the account takes place faster.


21. Will there be models for tall people (over 170 cm)?

Yes, in the near future we are going to create a “tall” line dedicated to ladies over 170 cm. We are not yet able to provide a specific date.

22. Are you planning dresses for feeding?

We do not expect dresses strictly dedicated to nursing mothers, however, our offer includes zipped models that allow this. Currently, it is a whirlwind Marina: http://mariezelie.com/collection … and more will appear soon.

23. Do you plan maternity dresses?

Yes, such models are under development. We inform our subscribers of the newsletter in the first place about all new products, and then we provide this information on our fanpage on Facebook.

24 Do you plan new fashions or skirts?

We are constantly trying to introduce a new assortment. We inform our subscribers of the newsletter in the first place about all new products, and then we provide this information on our fanpage on Facebook.

25. Do you plan new materials?

We successively introduce dresses with diversified colors and textures to the collection, while retaining fabrics and knitwear with the highest, natural percentage composition.

26. Do you plan other items of clothing?

We would like to introduce blouses and shirts to our offer as soon as possible. We also dream of expanding it with a variety of accessories – so that you can complete the entire wardrobe with us.