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Cookies are small files that are placed by our website in the browser of the user who visits it. Why do they serve? Allow our website to remember your preferences and recognize it on your next visit. Cookies remember which pages the user visited and what they did. Can remember our login details. This mechanism allows the site to be automatically matched to the visitor’s requirements for subsequent visits. Cookies are also used to collect statistics about the traffic on our website and facilitate its proper functioning.

Act of 16 November 2012

Limiting the use of cookies will affect some functionalities available on the site.

Often, web browsers implicitly allow the storage of cookies on your device. Users can make changes to the cookie settings. These settings can be changed to block the automatic handling of cookies in your Internet browser settings or to inform you about their placement on your device. Detailed information about cookies is available in the settings of your Internet browser.
How to disable cookies for selected browsers:
Stationary devices:
Internet Explorer

Mobile Devices:
● Safari
Windows Phone

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