Our history

As an active and enterprising woman over the years I have participated in many meetings of different character more or less formal. Sometimes also like an ordinary woman I went out for dating with my wonderful husband or simply chatting from przyjaciółeczką.

At every opportunity I wanted to like each of us to look and feel exceptionally. Whenever Stawałam before his huge wardrobe I always missed one part of the garment: a decent blouse. Such in “my” color and appropriate typeface for a particular occasion. The search for the coveted Łaszka most often ended in a huge fiasco, because either the color is not the one, or the fashion is not to my silhouette and when it already seemed to me that already, already found the coveted Ciuszek turned that it is made of polyester, in which the same Admit it, it’s usually hard to feel luxurious.

I found a solution to meet your needs!

I abandoned the legal profession, combined their skills craft with great passion for creation and so was SILKARS.

I hope it will fulfill your dream of a perfect blouse…

Dorothy Strzyż

“Buy less, choose smarter.”

-Vivienne Westwood

SILKARS is a new brand in the women’s clothing market, offering a wardrobe of silk and knitted fabrics from luxurious yarns.

Our flagship product is blouse-in various styles, colors and sizes. We design to meet the expectations and tastes of ladies who want not only to look good but feel feminine and comfortable.  We combine timeless classics with a touch of modernity, following the trends Wytyczanymi by leading fashion designers and making each of the ladies find something with us.

The technology of the manufacture of our blouses is based mainly on the production of craft. The fabric before processing is always subjected to the shrinking processes, so that our products do not require chemical cleaning and can undergo self-care processes in domestic conditions according to the attached This will not change the size of the blouse.

An additional advantage of our products is that we sew blouses in short series.

We cordially invite you to use our offer.


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